The role of sales manager may be the most challenging in any organization—for it is that person that is held ultimately responsible for the sales and revenue of the company. At the same time and for the same reason, the sales manager is a company’s greatest revenue multiplier.

Pipeliner’s feature set for sales managers ensures that a sales manager always has access, in real time, to all the vital data necessary to manage reps. It’s all right there—no more having to constantly chase it up through email, calls or personal interaction.

The sales manager instead spends time on coaching and mentoring, planning and forecasting, along with other actions such as working with Marketing to make sure there are enough leads for the reps to work.

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Pipeliner CRM Features for Sales Managers

For any sales manager that is stuck in the “numbers chasing” rut, Pipeliner is the answer.

Further Empowering Resources for Sales Managers

A good part of our mission is education. Hence we regularly create materials designed to assist those in various sales professions to become stronger, more efficient and more competent.

From the resources listed below, you can learn about the crucial fundamentals underlying management, the most essential metrics for sales management, the guidelines for building the best possible sales process, and much more. They are free—so enjoy!

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