Outlook Add-in & Gmail Add-in

Keep working in Outlook or Gmail and still access and/or create Pipeliner contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, tasks and appointments.


    “Our salespeople work mostly in their email.”

Pipeliner CRM: Outlook & Gmail Addin

“It provides your salespeople with complete picture of their book of business.”

Pipeliner CRM: Visual CRM

Sales Adoption

  • Challenge

    “We need to track and manage sales but CRM is too difficult, salespeople won’t use it.”

  • Solution

    Pipeliner CRM: Instant, Intelligence, Visualized.

    The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. The majority of salespeople are visual by nature, so they learn the Pipeliner CRM system fast. This makes for unparalleled adoption rates.

    Plus… the data is accurate because they are working in the system every day, and they actually enjoy using Pipeliner CRM. You get Increased visibility, efficiency, productivity… and sales.

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Onboarding & Implementation

  • Challenge

    “But CRM takes too long to implement/adopt and requires a lot of support.”

  • Solution

    Pipeliner’s intuitive interface and self-guided learning system.

    Pipeliner is the only CRM that has context-sensitive help built right into the product. Plus a fast-to-learn, highly intuitive interface with uniform navigation across multiple screens (learn once, use always). This means Pipeliner receives 60-70% fewer support tickets than other CRMs.

    This all means minimal business disruption, fast adoption, no support issues, and rapid ROI.

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Pipeliner CRM: Intuitive Interface

“Intuitive, keeps me on track of all my accounts like never before.”

Pipeliner CRM: Entering Data

Entering Data

Capture leads from websites directly into Pipeliner CRM with Pipeliner CRM Web Clipper. Painlessly add leads, opportunities, accounts or contacts to Pipeliner, directly from your company’s Google forms.

  • Challenge

    “What about leads and getting data into the system?”


“Pipeliner is a fresh new way to look at the traditional sales pipeline.”


  • Challenge

    “CRM admins are really expensive… and what if they leave?”

  • Solution

    Pipeliner CRM does not require a full-time admin.

    Pipeliner CRM admins spend an average of only 3-4 hrs per month on administration. It only takes 5 hours for administrative training, so adding or replacing part-time admins is easy.

    This saves companies over $100k in dedicated admin costs and removes the stress of being reliant on one, all-powerful, full-time admin.

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Pipeline Setup Multiple Pipelines
Pipeliner CRM: Mobile App

Mobile App

  • Challenge

    “Our salespeople are always on the move & sometimes only have access to their smartphones.”

  • Solution

    Pipeliner CRM Mobile App available on IOS & Android.

    Pipeliner Mobile CRM is the same Instant Intelligence, Visualized—nothing to learn, easy to use. Users can call Pipeliner CRM contacts immediately from their smartphones. Voice to text saves them from data entry. Works seamlessly with the Pipeliner CRM desktop app.

    You get highly productive, efficient salespeople—always operating with up-to-the-minute information.

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Experience Pipeliner the product & Pipeliner the people!