Discover how other Insurance Companies are using Pipeliner CRM’s superior contact management and visual people mapping tools to build long term customer relationships.

Insurance Industry

Managing Sales Made Easy!

Instantly, Dynamically, Visiually

  • review your pipeline

  • forecast sales

  • manage revenue risk

  • collaborate with your sales team

Optimize How Your Salespeople Sell

  • uniform and predictable

  • right target buyer(s)

  • focusing on the right leads

Access to Real-Time Data

  • analyse win/loss rates

  • review sales person/team/territory performance

  • set key sales metrics & goals

  • leading & lagging indicators

Selling Made Easy!

Easy-to-use, Easy-to-learn Visual Sales Tool

  • intelligently cuts through the noise

  • focuses on high value activities

  • everything in one place (no need for multiple tools)

Easy to Follow Visual Sales Process

  • clear pathway through the sales cycle

  • guidance on correct actions & activities

Easy to Identify, Profile & Chart

  • buyers and their roles in a sales process

  • key contacts in an organization for account management

Easy to Access

  • desktop

  • mobile

Easy to Use With Current Email System

  • MS Outlook

  • Gmail

Easy to Grab Data Off the Web

  • Web Clipper

  • Google Forms

“We are helping companies across the Insurance industry and the globe leverage Pipeliner CRM’s unique visual and easy-to-use system to more effectively manage their relationships with customers and prospects. Being able to quickly assemble complete pictures of customers and prospects, insurance salespeople can then focus on building the trust and value needed for long term customer relationships. As someone who was a longtime salesperson in the insurance industry I can quickly show you how Pipeliner CRM can specifically help you”

Joe Pacheco
Global Sales

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