Our Culture

We are a global company, and always looking for new team members to help us build Pipeliner CRM and advance their own career goals. An entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others succeed are the most important qualifications for joining our company.

If you are interested in contributing as an employee of Pipelinersales Inc., you can read more about our core values and review our current openings.

Our mission is to positively influence the mindset of salespeople and leadership, and remind them that the middle class in any society is built by sales. We, therefore, created the term “salespreneurs,” meaning salespeople are “entrepreneurs in an enterprise.” Peace can only happen—and conflict and war can’t happen—when commerce and trade are taking place between parties. That is why we call salespeople wealth creators and peace producers.

We are the first CRM tool with a completely holistic approach, bringing together two approaches that are often divergent in companies—sales force automation (SFA) and key account management(KAM). These are now united under the single revenue engine of project management.

Our highly effective sales enablement tool is disrupting the CRM space by leveraging the very latest technology that allows us to quickly, easily, and seamlessly integrate with all other systems thereby minimizing costs and risks.

Our product approach has so revolutionized backend administration that a full-time administrator is no longer required. In fact, only a few hours are required for any computer-literate person to learn Pipeliner administration. 

Our unique features approach of instant, dynamic visualization enables rapid adoption rates and supreme user experiences, because pictures are understood many times faster than text this enables the fastest and easier adoption in our industry. 

Our product offering includes the best IOS and Android mobile CRM apps on the market already built with AI functionality. 

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in effectiveness and efficiency. We believe that the triangle of processes, technology, and people must work seamlessly. 

Our lean management philosophy and our dedication to leveraging available, best-of-breed SAAS solutions allow us to stay agile, efficient, and highly cost-effective.

Built on proven business principles, Pipelinersales Corporation is putting the “R” back in “CRM” and making it possible for sales and customers to…

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What We Do

We have developed and continue to innovate multiple CRM product lines, with many powerful features totally unique in the CRM market. Salespeople actually love using Pipeliner CRM. 

Our technical team, which also programmed the global platform World-Check recently acquired first by Thomson Reuters and later sold to The Blackstone Group, has worked together for many years and continues to build and support Pipeliner CRM. 

We have a track record of being an innovative and forward-thinking company with proven product development—delivering fully functional software products on time.

Why We Do It

Although some may perceive Pipeliner as simply a technology company with a product, we are the only company in the CRM space with a deep and passionate mission to positively influence salespeople. This is why, in addition to CRM, we have created the dynamic online multimedia platform Sales POP! , providing content from over 1,400 sales thought leaders—powered by ExFind search technology. 

When salespeople are impacted by and supported with intelligent data, they will make more informed decisions and become more competent. If they believe in their higher purpose, their self-esteem and self-confidence will grow and as such, they will become better performers and higher achievers. 

If they become higher performers and achievers they will create more wealth for themselves, their companies, and their customers. This will ultimately lead to more prosperity which in turn creates the conditions for peaceful co-existence. 

We are at a crossroad like never before, with the power to provide knowledge for the building of businesses, resulting in the empowerment of local communities. This means higher income, better healthcare, and many more benefits. Only if we bring a proven business concept to any market can we address forced emigration, the destruction of communities, and the devastation of the environment—and therefore survive as a global community and as a planet. 

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