Win Together

Putting the “R” back in CRM

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Win Together

Putting the “R” back in CRM

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Win Together

Putting the “R” back in CRM

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CRM Revenue Engine
CRM revenue engine white paper

Your Revenue Engine!

Pipeliner CRM has a unique combination of elements that power:
  • High-value, win/win relationships with your customers

  • Sales teams to collaborate with prospects, customers & internal teams

  • The highest level of visibility, transparency, and predictability for your business

Key Account Management

Reduce churn & expand your customer relationships

Key Account Management consists of four primary features: Relationship Maps, Account Matrix, White Space and Org Charts.

  • Relationship Maps › visually map networks & relationships you need to be aware of

  • Account Matrix › visualize key metrics for building and maintaining effective relationships

  • White Space › see what products or services you have sold customers and identify the gaps

  • Org Chart › visually display the hierarchy within an account & label them according to a person’s role, their attitude toward your product or service, and their place in the company hierarchy

Sales Force Automation

Everything you need to sell successfully!

Lead Management • Pipeline Management • Contact Management
Visual Buying Center • Archive (unique feature)

CRM software Sales Force Automation tools

Learn more about our Win Together vision:

  • What does “Win Together” mean?
  • Why relationships are the currency of success
  • The path from customer to advocate
  • How “Win Together” is our mission to impact the world

Project Engine

Just like any other discipline, Sales has multiple projects happening simultaneously & our new Project Management tool makes them easy to manage:

  • Create project plans

  • Manage project documents

  • Set Tasks

  • Set Objectives

Reporting Engine

The most comprehensive sales reports available today!

Easily drill down into the detail of any report type by using Dashboards, Pivot Tables, Forecast or Quota

Sales CRM reporting engine


Built-in Automation Engine

  • Pipeliner CRM’s totally unique Automatizer workflow tool
  • Use conditions and triggers to automate many routine and repetitive tasks
  • No coding needed—use a point-and-click interface to build processes
  • Automatizer works with third-party integrations as well as Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner Administration

No need for highly technical admins or consultants — Pipeliner administration is built to be used by those working in the business!

  • Define user access with Permissions

  • Use the Audit function to monitor activity

  • Customize forms with drag ‘n drop functionality

  • Embed any sales methodology

  • Easily setup your product & services in the Product Catalog

Pipeliner CRM Administration tools

Personalized User Interfaces

With Pipeliner you can decide what you want to see and how you want it displayed!
The Bottom Navigation is like a picture frame that focuses the user on the key data:

Pipeliner CRM software navigation bar

Power Panel

Allows you to modify items you see in your current view, including:

Multiple Views

See your data the way you want to with Pipeline View, List View, Map View, Bubble Chart View and Compact View

Pipeliner CRM software multiple views

Activities & Communication

Easily track & manage prospect & customer appointments, calls, meetings & tasks.
Track & view all communications with prospects, clients & team members in the dedicated Feeds section.

CRM activities and communication tools

Application Integration

CRM software with application integration

“77% of Global IT leaders say failure to digitally transform will impact revenue”

Integration challenges, however, continue to be a roadblock for digital transformation initiatives. The average organization runs over 800 apps, each with an approximate lifespan of four years. Less than a third of apps are currently integrated, with many of them existing in silos.

This lack of integration will be unsustainable in the future as organizations strive for increased business efficiency and better-connected experiences.

API’s are more important than ever to allow ease of technology integration and Pipeliner offers these options:

  • Facebook’s bi-directional API, GraphQL


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